Cigar Room - An Escape

When Indianapolis homeowners tasked Chris Short, Principal Architect at HAUS | Architecture for Modern Lifestyles, to create a cigar room addition to their existing 1954 mid-century modern home, not only did he deliver a flawless design that seamlessly carries on the pre-existing rooflines, materials and glazing themes from the original portion of the home, but he along with Matt Harris, founder of MW Harris (an interior design firm) created a complete escape; a night and day experience from the main living space of the home to the new cigar room.

Farmhouse Glam in Zionsville

They named their home “fenix,” an old French term for: Risen from the ashes. A thing regarded as uniquely remarkable.

Homeowners Kristie and AJ Smith found this to be the perfect name for their brand new Zionsville home after they suffered a house fire at their previous residence. “Risen from the ashes” is exactly what happened, and it truly is unique and remarkable in every definition of both terms.

Magnificent Marvin Windows in Zionsville

Driving through the neighborhood’s winding roads, rolling hills, and beautiful scenery, the journey to get to this new Zionsville home is only just the start of the list that will leave you jaw-dropped. It sprawls across a healthy green corner lot, and the painted white brick exterior is a stark contrast to the surrounding woods. Before you even make it to the front door, a sense of...