Hinged Doors

Hinged Patio Doors are a traditional and popular option for a patio door.  They are available in different configurations as well as different functionality.  

Hinged Patio Doors are available in different configurations

  • Single Door
  • French Doors
  • Atrium Doors (only one panel opens and it opens into the stationary door)

 * A Hinged Patio Door can either open into the room (Inswing) or open to the outside (Outswing).  


Scenic Doors 


Scenic Doors are the Hottest Trend in the Window & Door Industry right now!  Everyone wants to "bring the outside in" by opening up the entire wall system to the outside.  

Some popular design options for scenic doors include: 

  • Bifold Doors-Hinged system where the door closes in an accordion fashion
  • Multi-slide Doors-A sliding door that can either recess in the wall or stack the width of one of the panels
  • Lift & Slide Doors- Similar functioning to the multi-slide door.




Sliding Doors

Sliding Patio Doors are becoming consistently more popular because:

  • Contemporary movement- They are sleek in design and function
  • Do not have to worry about furniture placement either inside or outside
  • Design Capabilities- Available in both a traditional "French Door" look (door has a taller bottom rail like a typical hinged door) & Available in a Contemporary Style with short bottom rails
*Both styles shown in Photo Gallery Above




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