Kundalini is an Italian lighting brand founded in 1996. Kundalini has acquired an excellent name and reputation over the years for producing original, eye-catching lamps earning them a variety of awards.


High-end entrance architectural solutions that combine the best design and maximum safety in a single product. Endless possibilities and customizable tailored solutions, security doors, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and protection against atmospheric agents.

Unique doors perfectly matched to each customer's demands. MOVI offers a wide range of material variants like glass, wood, aluminum or combination. They can be utilized in a slide, swing or fold movement.


ADL focuses on creating doors that are not simply furnishing items, but which complete a room by becoming part of it. ADL doors stand out because they transform into doorways that sub-divide rather than divide spaces, at the same time connecting them, creating what Ludwig Mies van der Rohe defined as “flowing spaces”.


Xinnix door systems allow the integration of every door into every wall, in a “frameless” way. With a frameless door system, the door leaf and the wall melt into each other. Painted in the same color of the wall, you get a discrete timeless finish.


MHB develops and produces high-end steel facades, doors and windows. Ultra-thin profiles combine superior technical properties such as outstanding thermal insulation and wind/water tightness with outstanding elegance resulting in unique products.

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