New Construction Windows

New Construction Windows are windows used in either a brand new home or a remodel project where the openings are prepped for a manufacturer's "standard" size window.  These windows are more cost effective than "custom" sized replacement windows.  

In a new construction application, the openings are prepped to fit the specs or measurements that are consistent with a specific manufacturers standard "call numbers" or sizes.

In a Replacement situation, the window is built to fit the existing opening, hence "custom sizing."  

All manufacturers have their own "standard size" so a standard size in a Marvin window will differ from a standard size in a Pella Window.  This is important if you are looking at several different brands for your new home or remodel project.  The window sizes will differ slightly between the different manufacturers. 

Here are some of our new construction project photos to get your creative juices flowing!  Some of the photos are examples of remodel projects where as others are complete new construction homes.

Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows are windows that are used to replace an existing window in a home.  A replacement window should be custom-sized to fit the existing opening.

Replacement windows can be installed using 3 different installation methods including:

  • Insert Replacement Method
  • Full Frame Replacement Method
  • Split Jamb Replacement Method

For more detailed information on Installation Methods and how to determine which is the best method for your home, check out Window Installation, What's the Best Method for my Home?

Above are photos of some of our replacement window projects to help inspire you on your replacement window journey!