Working as a Team to Build Homes and Partnerships: A Franklin Window & Door and Haus Architecture Success Story

When your company has built its reputation on exceptional design and flawless project execution, you cannot afford to engage an unreliable vendor. Not only will this impact the quality of your finished product, it can damage the name you have worked diligently to establish. HAUS Architecture is well-known for their innovative vision; working with Franklin Window & Door helps them bring stunning ideas to life.



The HAUS team prioritizes collaboration throughout every stage of a project, both internally and externally with professionals in the building trades. They also focus on continual learning, viewing each new relationship as another opportunity to develop and grow from other viewpoints and perspectives. This “helps keep our work fresh, inspired, and evolving.”

For Clientele Who “Value the Finer Things in Life”

HAUS is a premier boutique design studio in Indianapolis; they specialize in upscale single-family residential and commercial clientele. As they say, “Anything we can do to improve the built environment and out communities, we consider a worth endeavor — at any scale.”


It Takes a Team

Derek Mills, Project Manager for HAUS, says, “It takes a team to put together a home or any building. It’s all about who you select. [We need] people who can help us educate our clients and work alongside us and not just for us.”

This is just what they experience when they work with Franklin Window & Door. We are more than a distributor or supplier; we are a trade partner. What does this mean?

For Mills, “That means taking calls at 9:00 at night. That means coming out to a job site last minute to fix something. They’re always going to be there. That’s the kind of relationship any successful company should have with another company.”

Franklin owner and CEO, Cori Brown, agrees. “We get to work with the best builders, the best architects, the best contractors…. Our partnerships [are] most important to us. Our number one goal is to take care of them as our partner.” When the HAUS team needs us, we are there.

And when your team needs us, you can rest assured that we will be there for you with the same level of professionalism, attention, and commitment. Our end-to-end service ensures that the clients who are depending on you for their custom homes, remodels, and other projects are thrilled with the results you deliver.



We're ready to stand beside you to ensure your clients have a great Window & Door experience.

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