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The Challenge

Custom home builders and remodelers are tasked not only with designing, planning, and building structures; they are entrusted with the responsibility of bringing their clients’ visions and dreams to life. This is no small job, as you well know! Understanding homeowners’ ideas and managing expectations throughout the project is essential.

The Solution

When you have a trusted partner like Franklin Window & Door on your side, you can deliver a more streamlined, efficient, and effective process — and stunning results of which the homeowner (and your team) can be proud.



When we partner with Hoss Homes, their team brings us in during the design phase. General Manager Nigel Hoss remarks that Franklin has already vetted the products thoroughly and can “seamlessly interact with clients and bring that [knowledge] to the design phase.” Our goal — our priority — is to provide the solutions that work for your project and that will deliver the functional and aesthetic value you and your clients depend on for years to come.


As Derek Mills, Project Manager for HAUS Architecture, says, “It takes a team to put together a home or any building. It’s all about who you select. [We need] people who can help us educate our clients and work alongside us and not just for us.”

This is why HAUS chooses Franklin; we become an extension of their team. If that means fielding calls at 9:00 PM or coming out to the job site to make adjustments, that’s what we do. It also encompasses educating both you and, if you like, your clients about their choices.


With You Every Step of the Way

Many of our trusted custom home builder/remodeler partners bring us in early to ensure that products fit seamlessly into their projects. Especially when those projects are unusual, daring, or extreme! In a recent partnership with Gary Nance designs, for example, the renowned designer wanted curved window mullions and a curved glass surface. A typical window supplier, he says, will respond with, “We can’t do that,” or, “That’s going to cost you too much money.”

Gary does not like the word, “no.” “There is a way to get it done.” Franklin finds a way. We have access to exclusive products and can deliver solutions that other window and door vendors simply cannot. While we take pride in facilitating streamlined design and planning stages, we are also here throughout every other step of your project. Even after it’s done!

According to Nigel Hoss, “Franklin Window & Door takes 100% ownership of the project, and that’s very helpful for us. While there are many people out there to choose from, we know [they are] going to deliver the level of service that our clients need.” We also strive to deliver the level of service that you need. For example, if a homeowner needs an adjustment to their windows or doors three years down the line, we don’t want them calling you.

Scott Brown, Franklin owner and COO, says, “We want them calling us direct. We take that off the builders’ shoulders.” This frees you to focus on delivering quality work and building your business.



As a custom home builder or remodeler, you build to last. Your clients expect that they will enjoy quality year after year. Expect us to help you deliver the solutions that ensure this goal is achieved on every project. Every element should add to the homeowners’ satisfaction in terms of beauty and functionality.



Something as simple, and as unseen, as the operation of a window can have a major impact. Tom Lazzarra, President of Custom Living, Inc., a top Carmel, Indiana custom home builder, says, “A guest will feel that quality when they walk in a home… a homeowner will feel that quality when they crank the window. It’s every part of a building that you can’t see that is so important in a finished product.”

We want every part of your project, the seen and the unseen, to tell a story of quality, durability, functionality, practicality, convenience, and style. As your trusted partner, Franklin Window & Door offers service tailored to your needs. From design to planning to installation to warranties, we are committed to helping you build homes and structures that stand the test of time. Your business’s results are our top priority.



We're ready to stand beside you to ensure your clients have a great Window & Door experience.

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